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Ben Koller

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The Story

We were fortunate enough to have a bride & groom that were super adventurous and down to do anything for a good image. This particular bride was excited at the idea of "trashing" her dress, as she purchased it super cheap, and to her having amazing images on the beach where she lived was more important than having her dress hanging away in the closet.

The bride & groom were super good looking, and really into each other, so I wanted to create a romantic image that incorporated the beach and the water but have it stripped down to pure romance; in essence a moment that they would have on their own at their own private beach, wedding dress or not. When I noticed the tide was coming in and creating some beautiful reflections as it pulled out, I positioned the couple high enough in the sand so they were safe from getting pulled out in the tide but still close enough to the water so as waves crashed the tide would make it to them and I could catch a reflection in the sand.

We had a blast making the image, and at the end we literally threw her dress in a garbage can at the beach.
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Ben Koller
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